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Perennial Passions

Takion Blue ~ Campanula persicifolia
Fihpendula ~ rubra venusta

Passion for Perennials


At Alta we have a passion for Perennials with over 160 species.  So, whether your garden consists of sun or shade or both, Alta can fit you with the plant that best suits your needs.  Want to attract hummingbirds and Butterflies to your yard?  Let our own Perennial Grower help you choose from our many varieties of nectar filled flowering plants, like Buddleia and Monarda.

With a dozen varieties of Campanula, Sedum, Ferns, and Dianthus, over 35 Grasses, more than 40 varieties of Hemerocallis (DayLillies), and as many as 25 varieties of Hosta, Alta can boast of one of the largest collections of perennials in north central Ohio.

We also carry a selection of native plant varieties such as Joe Pye Weed, Jack-In-Pulpit, Mayapple, and wild ginger.  Also, many old time favorites like Dicentra (Bleeding Heart), Alcea (Hollyhocks), Paeonia (Peony).

All our perennials are selected for zone hardiness.  Many are grown here at the greenhouse, so stop in and meet our perennial grower, Christine Libby.

So, whether you are looking for big, bold, and dramatic.  Or low growing, soft textured, zone hardy plants Alta is the place to shop first! 


Primal Scream Hermerocallis Primal Scream & Happy Returns


Harvest Burgundy Heuchera

Asiatic Lilies

Plum Crazy Hardy Hibiscus

The Monarch, Danaus plexippus, is the most easily recognized butterfly in Ohio. It is found in all 88 counties. It is most commonly seen in late summer but, can be seen as early as May. Hundreds of thousands migrate to Mexico in the fall to the Monarch wintering grounds. Fall adults can live more than 10 months, making it the longest-lived butterfly in Ohio. Monarch larva, like pictured above, feed on various varies of milkweed. The adults can't resist sampling butterfly bush and butterfly weed! Come in and ask for our butterfly plant list!